UK Tax Strategy

UK Tax Strategy

Relo Group, Inc. is publishing this UK tax strategy statement in accordance with the requirements of Paragraphs 19(2) and 22(2) of Schedule 19 of FA2016. The following is a broad outline of the company's strategy and approach in 2022 for the United Kingdom.

Our risk management and governance arrangements in relation to UK taxation

The oversight of the tax risk management of the company is under the direction of the officer in charge.
The company takes a serious approach to tax risk and its responsibilities and the company has a risk management structure.

The level of risk in relation to UK taxation that we are prepared to accept

The company wishes to be transparent and compliant with tax legislation, paying all taxes accurately and on time.
The company does not take improper risks in relation to UK taxation, and we do not have any acceptable level of tax risk.

Our attitude towards Tax Planning

The company adheres to the UK Double Tax Treaties and the relevant guidance issued by the OECD for international tax matters.
We do not undertake transactions for tax planning reasons. The company seeks to comply with all tax laws and regulations. External tax advice would be sought if there were any concern over risks that arose.