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The Relo Group assists in the global expansion of companies by supporting their non-core work.

Leased Corporate Housing Management Business

With our unique full-outsourcing services that substantially reduce the workload of a company's relocation supervisor, problems associated with the management of leasing corporate housing are solved.
In addition, we support the various work involved with the housing field of corporate fringe benefit, that includes dispatching managers to company-owned dormitories and housing, housing mediation when transferring, and moving arrangements.

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Fringe Benefit Business

As a pioneer in the field of fringe benefits, we work in a community-based fashion at our offices across Japan. We help employees to enrich their lives and improve their work styles with extensive life support menus, including upskilling, medical examinations, childcare and nursing menus, as well as leisure and accommodation menus that help enrich their leisure hours. We therefore support the enrichment of the lives of our employees and the enhancement of corporate vitality.

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Property Management Business

Commencing with the common brand "Relo no Chintai", we have expanded over 60 rental agents and management stores in major cities domestically, and are carrying out sales activities rooted in individual regions.
In addition, with an abundant amount of information that utilizes a nationwide network and various support services, we are supporting "living in its entirety" for companies and people of communities.

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Global Relocation Support Business

Starting from before a transfer, all the way until coming back home, we provide a one-stop total support service of the complicated procedures involved with overseas transfer, including in relation to working visa applications, medical examinations, vaccinations, and moving house overseas abroad. We also jointly provide a diverse range of related services such as providing a range of data related to overseas assignments, creating overseas transfer regulations, arranging tickets for business trips, and managing houses during a transfer.

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Tourism Business

Through point-based timeshare resorts, we offer irreplaceable time spent with families and friends. We provide a condominium-type members-only resort club that allows you to use just the extent that you require at the time you need it.

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