Company Policy

The "3 principles" of the Relo Group

Based on the "3 principles" held by the Relo Group, we aim to pursue our prosperity and contribute to society.

  • With every employee's participation in corporate management,we shall respect each other and together pursue the prosperity of all.
  • We shall provide the best possible services to our customers.
  • We shall strive to do our very best in every situation and occasion.

Our Mission

In Japan, we act as a solutions provider in the field of corporate fringe benefit, providing client companies with support in their non-core operations.
We support the global expansion of Japanese companies so that they can perform to their full potential.

Our Vision

Creating an industry of comprehensive lifestyle support services that we provide globally

Our aim is to "become a world-class relocation company."
Working in line with this vision, we seek to make "Relo - Synonymous with corporate fringe benefit solutions" "Relo - Synonymous with overseas relocation support"

The Second "Start-Up" Period: The medium- and long-term business framework

The Relo Group has labeled the 24-year period that began with the fiscal year ended March 2012 as the Second "Start-up" Period. During this period we will continue working towards achieving our vision based on a medium- and long-term business framework.


We designate the first half of the Second "Start-up" Period as the Second Start-up Stage, and the latter half as the Global Start-up Stage. Over the course of this period, we will formulate a medium-term business plan, known as the Olympic Plan, once every four years.


Currently, the entire group is working together to achieve the goals of the Second Olympic Plan, which will come to a close in the fiscal year ending March 2019.


Second Start-up Stage (First 12 years)

In the Second Start-up Stage, we anticipate that Japanese companies will further accelerate the global expansion of their businesses in consideration of the continued shrinking of the Japanese market. In light of these trends, we will work to 1) act as a solution provider in the field of corporate fringe benefit, providing client companies with support for their non-core operations, and 2) support the global expansion of Japanese companies so that they can perform to their full potential.

Global Start-up Stage (Latter 12 years)

Next, in the Global Start-up Stage, we will aim for the Relo Group to become known as "the foremost provider of outbound relocation services and destination services" among employees of Japanese companies and those showcasing their skills on the global stage . We also seek to become "a world-class relocation company" that provides comprehensive relocation support services for Japanese companies expanding globally.

In the Second Start-up Stage, we will strive to fulfill the aims of our mission and make our vision a reality by building bases for overseas businesses, while at the same time reinforcing our management base in Japan.

The medium-term management plan - the "Second Olympic Plan"


Within our domestic business, we will continue to increase the amount of corporate houses and fringe benefit members, which are our stock base, and across a 4-year period we will further strengthen our main business aiming to be the absolute number one in market share. Also, concerning our rental management business, in order to completely support all aspects of company relocation and people mobility, such as for transfers and relocations, we will advance our “nationwide 7 block expansion” to enlarge our functions as a relocation company.
Within our overseas business, as well as increasing the firms for our empty home management service which is our founding business, we will continue to expand our number of overseas transfer support households through the strengthening of corporate sales and further improvement of service quality. In addition, we will continue to advance our overseas base expansion and to add further services with the goal of becoming a global relocation company. In the future through these overseas bases we will build a system for undertaking the relocation of global companies.