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Highlights of Full-year Consolidated Financial Results[Japanese GAAP]


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Operating Profit

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Recurring Profit

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Net Income

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Relo Group
Average for TSE First Section companies

Changes in Full-year Consolidated Financial Results[Japanese GAAP]

Fiscal YearFY2018/3FY2019/3FY2020/3FY2021/3
Sales (Millions of yen)225,437250,864313,019333,603
Operating Profit (Millions of yen)15,35917,86717,87112,496
Recurring Profit (Millions of yen)16,94320,07220,14616,129
Net income attributable to parent shareholders (Millions of yen)10,78213,0053,8189,354
Net Assets (Millions of yen)42,80854,50752,15059,916
Total Assets (Millions of yen)125,998148,477228,102236,259
Net Assets Per Share (Yen)*283.5349.8324.9374.35
Equity Ratio33.6%35.2%21.6%24.0%
Cash Flows from Operating Activities (Millions of yen)8,85611,61115,31124,029
Cash Flows from Investing Activities (Millions of yen)△7,458△3,779△55,275△5,441
Cash Flows from Financing Activities (Millions of yen)13,042△8,19048,327△5,534
Cash and Cash Equivalents (Millions of yen)27,93327,43233,49049,219

Note: The company conducted a 1-for-10 stock split of common shares with an effective date of 1st April, 2017.
Net Income per Share diluted has been calclated assumng the stock split was conducted at the start of the previous fisacl year.