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Our Services

Domestic Business

We provide comprehensive support for fringe benefit programs, ranging from housing to leisure and lifestyle improvement. We manage 100,000 housing units companies rent and provide to their employees, and offer 200,000 kinds of benefits to help employees have fun and improve their well-being.
We also operate a rental real estate management business all across Japan.

Global Business

We provide comprehensive support for the global expansion of companies in Japan, employees transferred overseas, and their families. Our services range from consultation on rules related to overseas assignments to services for employees to be transferred overseas, such as the management of their houses in Japan and assistance obtaining visas. We also provide support for employees working in foreign countries and those returning home to Japan, as well as support for accommodating expatriates from other countries.

Other Businesses

We operate as an agent that helps to run hotels and attract guests. In addition to hotels, we also provide an insurance consulting business.